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Facility Layout Services

Layout Services

Maximize Your Space with Layout Services

Are you running out of space in your current facility and considering relocation? Before you relocate, call the experts at Patton Equipment Co Inc. We'll help you maximize the space in your current facility. If a move is still necessary, we'll come up with an efficient layout for your new facility to fit your needs.

Proper facility layout can not only give you an increased functional storage space but can also help you reduce your labor costs.

Get the Help Your Company Needs

Call the experts at Patton Equipment Co Inc today to help maximize the space you have in your existing facility. We're here to show you how to better utilize your space and improve the efficiency of your material handling, including receiving, order picking, packing, and shipping processes.

If your current facility just can't accommodate your needs any longer, we can help you determine which new facilities will be better suited for your needs. Call one of our layout experts for a FREE consultation.

Our Layout Services

  • Create CAD drawings for your existing facility and layout
  • Analyze your existing workflow and material handling
  • Quantify layout items (racks, shelving, etc.)
  • Layout new potential facilities to determine the best fit
  • Create bid specifications and drawings
  • Create installation drawings
  • Complete your project management
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