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Make the Most of Your Space

Are you out of storage space on the floor of your business? Don't spend money to move to a new location if you don't have to! Utilize the unused overhead space in your facility with the help of mezzanines from Patton Equipment Co Inc.

Call today to learn how mezzanines can give your company the space it needs. Your FREE consultation is only a call away!

Our Mezzanines Can Adapt to Your Needs

Help your business run more efficiently now and in the future with mezzanines from Patton Equipment Co Inc. Our mezzanines are placed above existing equipment and rooms to utilize the unused space in your location.

But the benefits don't stop there! Our mezzanines are designed not only to work around your current layout but they can also be altered for any future expansion your company may do.

Our Mezzanines

  • Rack-supported catwalk mezzanines
  • Shelf-supported catwalk mezzanines
  • Rack-and-shelf supported catwalk mezzanines
  • Free-standing mezzanines
  • One, two, or three-level structures (catwalk or free-standing)
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